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Saturday Mornings 11am - 1pm (We are in the rehearsal room upstairs) Suitable for women of all ages dance fitness levels Visit for more info Just turn up!
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Tara Dance Arts (bellydance arts & fitness classes)

Belly dancing is a cultural social dance, A performance art & a form of family entertainment from Middle Eastern, North African & Medetaranean countries. It has many proven health & fitness benefits when taken up as a form of regular moderate intensity exersise. Low impact, Resistance, Cardio, Flexibility.

The belly dancing classes with Tara at the Parade are exclusive to women of all ages and dance / fitness abilities (beginners - Intermediate). You don't have to be a certain body type and you don't have to expose your belly unless you want to. This an all inclusive class taught in a neutral environment. With elements of community dance by focusing on connecting people through dance art culture and encouraging Women to participate in dance.

You will learn classic modern and folkloric styles of Egypt Turkey North Africa & American version (orientale) (Cabaret) (Theatrical Fusion).

Wether you are looking for an exercise class with a difference, Your interested in performing belly dance or have interests in attending social events within the North West belly dance community there is something for everyone.

Come to class at 11am on Saturdays
Every Saturday at the Parade. Just turn up or contact for more info
What To Wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for dance and exersise. Dance wear, Gym or yoga clothing is great but Leggings and a Top is fine or your welcome to wear a maxi skirt & a top.
- Belly dancers have danced bare foot since the begining of time however in modern times pro dancers wear dance shoes. When learning some people prefer to wear flat soft suede sole ballet jazz or belly dance shoes or foot thongs at class. Most people at class dance bare foot.
- Tara provides coin hip belts props and accessories for all to wear use and return.

The classes are taught by Tara a friendly professional dancer & instructor whos been performing and learning this style of dance since 2004 and teaching the dance through her own classes & workshops For schools education arts and culture organisations for the past six years. She has worked within many communities and with people from all walks of life. The classes Tara teaches have a good reputation and have been featured on TV radio & printed publications.

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