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Discover powerful techniques for relaxation, stress relief and personal development.

These informal group sessions will teach you exactly what self-hypnosis is, and how to use it to become your own hypnotist. You will learn skills that you will be able to use for life, whether it’s for relaxation, stress relief or to increase motivation and build confidence.

The techniques are easy to learn and apply, and no prior experience of hypnosis is required.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a new understanding about the power of your mind. You will gain new abilities that you can use immediately and with practise will allow you to access more of your potential and improve the way you think and feel.

After attending the beginner’s class, the advanced class offers even more powerful hypnotic techniques and will build on the approach you have learned.

The classes will last approximately 90 minutes and the cost for each session is £12.

Beginner – Tuesday 3 March, Tuesday 17 March at 7pm
Advanced – Tuesday 10 March, Tuesday 24 March at 7pm

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